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Andy:Our reader from Kuala Lumpur,one Helena,a welder by trade and Maoist minx no doubt,asks about my beauty regime."not a spot,not a mark, not a line"she flatteringly purrs.Then spoils it completely by daring to suggest that I,the godhead of perfection,babys bottom chops,the fount that is the anti blemish,might use...GASP,make-up!!Well Heli the tv performance you mention,the late night review{or whatever it was called} BOOKS ARE BURNING, probably saw us in a light dusting of powder when they started filming but by the time we'd done 7 takes,because they kept messing up the camera angles,it had all been sweated off no doubt.

My pathetic beauty regime goes like this:I never use soap on my face,only if I get a mark that wont shift.Its water only.You dont want to destroy all those nice oils that live in your skin.As for lines,well,as all fatties will tell you its genetic.I inherited my mothers skin and I just dont wrinkle.Shes 80 and doesn't have a line on her,freaky huh?For better or worse I'll die with a babys face.Of course if you want to avoid wrinkles generally dont sunbathe,dont smoke and dont booze too much.People say that by 40 you have the face you deserve,I may have bucked that trend.

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Issue # 14, April 2004
by Peter Paphides




He tells the sorry tale of Christmas 2001, when he invited his elderly parents over to enjoy a good old fashioned day of festive cheer. Full of good intentions, he hired a Santa costume for the day and attempted to ignore his inner Philip Larkin.

“But you know, it's always difficult. I got so drunk, in fact, that I ended up letting my mother know exactly what I thought of her”.
「でもですね、実は(母との関係には)いつも悩まされていて。 それで、飲みすぎて酔ったはずみで、自分が母をどう思っているか口走ってしまったんです」

“Oh, Jesus. I'd never called my mother a cunt before. That was a Christmas and a half. I just had too much cheap champagne and champagne is the worst thing to get drunk on.

My mother just ended up pressing all the wrong psychological buttons, like they do. And that was when I unleashed this tirade”.

What does a paralytic 48 year-old Santa do when he's called his mother a cunt in front of his two children?

He walks out into the night, looks up at the stars he was once so afraid of and begs them to swallow him up.

Cries unheeded, Partridge made the short journey to the local town gardens and attempted to negotiate the gates. Unable to scale them, he walked on to a small children's playground, where he sank into the mud and wept −

“dressed in my Santa suit, swearing at the stars with passing cars honking at me”.

Back at home, a panicking Erica called the police and reported her husband [? − Ed.] missing.

Unsurprisingly, they didn't have too much trouble finding him: “It was exactly as you would have expected.

It was all, ‘Come along now sir, I think your lady's worried about you’. They put me in the car and drove me home, but the damage was done.

My kids had never seen me in a mess. And what a mess! The mess was Santa. It's terrible really. 「子供は自分の父親のあんな取り乱した姿など一度も見たことがなかったんです。それも、とんでもない乱れようだったわけ。しかも、それがサンタだったんですよ。本当に酷過ぎますよ」

You love your parents to bits but mixed with it all is the pain from way back when”.
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From Irregular Miniatures, designed,painted and photographed by Andy Partridge




Notes by designer Andy Partridge

For those of you that collect old toy soldiers, the naïve charm of many early German makers will not have gone unnoticed. Indeed, there are few who can resist the somewhat lumpen splendor of such makers as Heyde or Haffner etc., but there are many who can’t afford them. Today’s prices for these antiques can be shocking, to say the least.

As usual, Irregular rides to the rescue with our new ‘Deutsche Homage’ range. These figures and their accessories have been sculpted in the style of those old German makers, and are available for a tiny fraction of the cost of the originals. Nothing has been pirated – they are not recasts, but have the genuine flavour of these old, well-loved toy soldiers.
そこで、いつものごとく、そんな高い物に手が出ない人たちのためイレギュラー・ミニチュアが我らの新商品"ドイツのオマージュ"のラインナップで助けに参じてくれました。これらの人形やアクセサリーは古いドイツのメーカーのスタイルに従い彫刻し、オリジナルのコストの何分の1かの値段で買えるようになっています。これは決して海賊版ではありません。- 改鋳物でもありません。ただ、長年愛されたおもちゃの兵隊のような本物の味わいがあるのです。

You can choose from an expanding range of bodies, heads and extras to make many thousands of different types of soldiers and enemies, ranging from the Victorian era right up to the Spanish Civil War. A quick (but gentle) animating with a pair of pliers, glue in a head and a gun, a lick of paint, and out strides a charming 42mm high character as diverse as a colonial redcoat ready to face the Boers, a Chinese boxer rebel, Pathan fighters or spear-wielding Zulus.

If you like Heyde, you’ll love these.

Andy Partridge


アンディ・パートリッジ トイ・ソルジャーについて熱く語る

XTC - Andy Partridge

But it is the shabby, badly made, naive, folk-art toy soldier that truly engages him. He draws parallels for this with his passion for naive, "moronic" music; it may be fitting, then, that a cover of XTC's The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead featured in the cinematic ode to stupidity, Dumb and Dumber.
パートリッジを夢中にさせるのはみすぼらしく、下手くそに作られた、素朴な、フォークアートのおもちゃの兵隊である。彼はこのおもちゃの兵隊をあか抜けぬ"愚鈍的"音楽への情熱と比較する。XTCの"バラード・オブ・ピーターパンプキンヘッド"の歌のカバーが人間の愚かさに対する叙情歌として"ジム・キャリーはMr.ダマー"(Dumb and Dumber)の映画で取り上げられているのはピッタリくる。



"I started six or seven years ago, after trying, wanting to for years. I kept hammering my head against the wall. I found that the secret is in constructing the skeleton. You have to have the skeleton right or it just won't work. You build a wire skeleton and then fill it in with this epoxy putty stuff that dries in a couple of hours. You have to work quickly. Then you pour white metal in the molds. It works quite well."



"Oh yes, but I don't really go for the super realistic kind. I like them to look toylike, not real. And if they have misshapen limbs, even better!"



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「俺はいつも君等ファンのオンラインでの書き込みを読んで落ち込んだりしてるんだ!」アンディ・パートリッジ インタビュー 2006

-- Posted by steve on 7:17 am on Dec. 12, 2006

Q- (中略)anyway do you really think XTC fans are a bit conservative(with a small c) ? does that mean you actually read the forum and how did you come to that opinion ?
Q-(中略)アンディは、私たちXTCファンのことをやや保守的(英語では小文字のc)であると本当に思っているんでしょうか? と、いうことは、このファンのフォーラムを本当に読んでいるんですか? どうやってそのような(XTCファンはやや保守的という)結論に達したのでしょう?

Come on Partridge explain yourself ! FUZZYFACE

Q- (中略),XTC fans do tend to be rather on the conservative side.(中略)Now I know I shouldn't,but I do read the forum quite regularly.You'd think I'd have something better to do,like write a new album,but no,like a ghost at his own wake I feel depressingly compelled to waft in and find out what you bastards have been saying about me.Its generally good, but I do find the rash and uninformed character judgements depressing.
-XTCのファンはどちらかというと保守的な人たちが多いですね。(中略) まあ、本当はこんなことしない方がいいんだろうけど、実はこのフォーラムを結構いつも読ませてもらっているんですよ。





I mean say what you like about the obvious audible end of the spectrum,the music.Thats fair game,thats our art love it or lump it.But none of you folks know the first thing about myself,or Colin,or any past member of the band.Let alone our complex interactions.Some of the {ahem}learned thoughts of the Posters are just WAY off, and yes ,I have to say,have enraged me at times for their harmful,bad marksmanship.But hey,all I have to do is stop reading,right?{Bet you couldn't if you were me}.





The reason why I think XTC fans seem conservative in their tastes,and I would consider my tastes to be conservative also,is obvious.

The evidence goes like this.

1-You're hanging around an XTC site and not one dedicated to Ornette Coleman,Napalm Death,Sun Ra,Sunn(((O,Archie Shepp etc.IE:the OUT THERE end of music.
1. XTCのウェブサイトで時間を費やしている君等の中で、一人として、オーネット・コールマン、ナパームデス、ラスム(((O、アーチーシェップのような超アバンギャルドな音楽をやってるアーチストのウェブサイトで時間を費やす人はいない。

2-I bet 90% of you skip the more experimental pieces on THE FUZZY WARBLES set.{I know you do as you talk about it}.
2. 君等のうち、9割は、THE FUZZY WARBLESセットの中でも実験的な曲をスキップして聴いている。{君等がこのフォーラムで自分でそう言ってるのを読んだから知ってるんだ}

3-Peeking at your lists of favourite other music,its pretty straight stuff you must agree.
3. みんなのXTC以外に好きな音楽のリストをこっそり見たけど、すごく何の変哲もないストレートな音楽ばかりだってことは君等も認めるだろう。

4-Even amongst your fave XTC tracks ,I can see repeat patterns of preference for the more stylistically normal,and goodness knows,we're a straight group.
4. 君等のXTCの好きな曲のリストを見ても、みんな揃ってお気に入りはあまりクセのない正統な音楽スタイルの曲だってわかる。ま、確かに僕らはストレートな音楽を作るバンドだよ。

So,all in all I think XTC fans are {c}onservative,yes.Whats wrong with that? AP


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ライブのオファーは百万ポンド(1億数千万円)に近い!XTC アンディ・パートリッジ

Issue # 14, April 2004
by Peter Paphides
XTC アンディ・パートリッジ
自宅インタビュー 2

XTC アンディ・パートリッジ

“Come in, come in”, he says, striding back down the hallway. Possibly because you don't expect successful musicians to live in Edwardian two-up two-downs, Partridge assumes Gulliver-like proportions in his lean-to kitchen. “Tea?” he asks. He boils his water with a kettle that whistles, uses Provamel soya milk in his tea and seems surprised when you ask for sugar.





With every passing year, the incentives to return to the stage get a little greater. “The last one”, he says, “ was in the region of a million”. But there's only one stage that Partridge is willing to mount. At the bottom of the garden, his shed plays host to banks of recording equipment, an electric guitar and a computer. What can you do in a space as small as this? Well, quite a lot actually. It was here that Partridge recorded 1999's Apple Venus − the magnificent album that completed XTC's turbulent journey back from the cover of Smash Hits and pan-European pop to practitioners of baroque pastoral psychedelia.




こんな狭いスペースで一体何ができるのか? いや、実は、かなりのことが出来るのだ。


Card swiped, we commence the five minute walk back to Partridge's house. On the way back, he exchanges greetings with Tony, the Old Town barber − although it's been some years since he had cause to go there. “I can just run the clippers over my head and achieve the same effect”. Once again, the ghosts of Partridge past sing in the distance: “Chalkhills and children / Anchor my feet”. Does he ever think he'll leave here? Or is this it now?



ここで再び、彼の過去の亡霊の歌声が、遠い彼方から聞こえてくる----「チョークヒルと子供たちが僕を現実に戻してくれる("Chalkhills And Children"から)」 

パートリッジは、いつか、ここ(Swindon 市)を去るのだろうか?それとも、このままでいいのだろうか?

He talks about how Erica would love to move to Bath − an idea that he's not averse to. “I've sworn to her that we will move. She finds it really depressing here, but I like this house. There's a great vibe in it. If I ever moved, I've got a good idea of the house where I'd like to live”.

彼は、エリカ(一緒に住んでいるパートナーで”Another Satellite"で歌われている女性)が、いかにバス市に引っ越すことを望んでいるかについて説明をした。(注:2013年、現在、エリカはアンディをスウィンドンに残し、一人でバス市に引っ越しした。)そこに引っ越すのは、彼自身もそんなに嫌ではない。


He unlocks the front door, and walks into the kitchen where he keeps a book of sketches and notes. “Here − let me show it to you”. Partridge produces a detailed pencil drawing of his ideal home: “I'd like a walled garden, with these little circular bits in each corner to keep my garden tools and implements. And look, this bit is two storeys. I'd like red brick with white trim. I think I could maybe get it built for half a million. What do you reckon?”





In Bath, the plot alone would cost about half a million.


“No! Look! All these bits here are single storey. And it's only one room deep”


Well it looks great, I say.


“I'll probably never do it. But it's a scheme I've thought about many a time.”

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アンディ・パートリッジのインタビュー「娘にとって僕はパンツ一丁でうろつきオナラしてるただのおやじ」 XTC - アンディ・パートリッジ インタビュー

XTC - アンディ・パートリッジ インタビュー




TM: Does your daughter listen to XTC?
TM: 娘さんはXTCを聴いたりするんでしょうか?

AP: A few bits and pieces. I think she's more embarrassed by the reaction of some of the teachers. One or two teachers were just stupid fans of the band,and they just kind of embarrass her. I'm just square old dad to her, but these teachers are saying this wonderful hyperbole, and she can't put it together with dad, who she sees wandering around in his underpants, farting. I'm no Shakespeare to her. I'm just that parcel of lard at the breakfast table going "Clean your room!"
AP: あれこれ適当にちょこっと聴くぐらい。うちの娘は、学校の数人の教師のせいで恥ずかしい思いしてるみたいですよ。学校に一人、二人熱烈なXTCのファンがいて何だか恥ずかしいらしいです。あの子にとっては僕なんかただのつまんない古臭いおやじなのに、その教師等は、僕がいかに偉大であるか話すそうなんですね。それを聞いても、娘自身は自分の知っているパンツ一丁でうろうろして、おならブーッっしてる父親と結びつかないわけですよ。娘にとっては僕なんかシェークスピアでも何でもなく、朝の食卓で「部屋掃除しろ!」ってどなってるただの中年太りしたおやじですよ。

TM: Do you have more male fans than females?
TM: XTCは、女性より男性のファンが多いのでしょうか?

AP: Not in Japan, actually. It's about 50-50, which is very reassuring, that there's a balance. 'Cause I thought we just appealed to computer nerds. Do you really want to go out, just appealing to computer nerds? Not really. But when we came to the States recently, and did lots of in-store signing things, I was much pleased that, excepting New York, where it was mostly male, everywhere else was pretty much 50-50. Maybe 60-40.
AP:日本ではそんなことないです。ほぼ半々です。それは、非常に心強いことで すよ。良いバランスです。というのも、てっきりXTCはコンピュータおたくばかりに好 かれているものだと思ってたんです。せっかくバンドやっていて気に入ってくれるのが 皆揃ってコンピュータおたくばかりだったら嫌ですよ。でも、僕たちが最近アメリカ行 って多くの店頭でサイン会をした時、すごく嬉しかったのは大半が男性ファンだっ たニューヨーク以外の所ではほぼ男女5分5分だったんです。多分男性6割・女性4割でしたね。

TM: The Dukes of Stratosphear might throw the percentage, though. That seems like a boy record to me.
TM:もっとも、そのバランスもザ・デュークス・オブ・ストラトスファーのアルバムで崩れるかもしれませんよね。あれは男性ファン好みのアルバムに思えます。(このイ ンタビュアーは女性)

AP: A lot of musicians like us, which is really silly, cause we're not great musicians.
AP: ミュージシャンにXTCのファンは多いですけど、それって可笑しいですよね。だって、僕等はそんな優れたミュージシャンなんかではないんですよ。

TM: That's a wonderful compliment.
TM: でも、それは素晴らしい賛辞ということですよね。

AP: Yeah, I suppose they like... Seriously, if you could see our musical ability, it's really abominable.
AP: そうですね、XTCが好きなんでしょうね....でも、まじめな話、 僕等の音楽的な能力をお見せできたら...全くお粗末なものですよ。

AP: I dislike videos intensely, so we'll see. I dislike pop videos enormously. I actually think they've contributed significantly to the degeneration of the quality of music.
AP:(Apple Venus IのPVは作るのかを聞かれて)僕はPVが嫌で嫌でたまら ないんです。ポップミュージックのPVが途方もないほど嫌いです。本当に、PVがかなり現代の音楽の質を退化させたと思っています。

TM: What would you want on your tombstone?
TM: 自分の墓石に刻みたい言葉は?

AP: "I told you I was ill!" or "I can see up your dress from down here." Or "God, this stone is heavy!" or "Help, I'm in Hell!"
AP: 「ほら俺は重病だって言ったろ」とか、「ここから君のスカートの中丸見えだ よ」。または「わー、この石重いよ!」とか、「助けて、地獄に落ちた!」
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【18歳以下閲覧禁止】グルーピーにハマるコリンとバリーを横目にアンディはサメの「オモチャ」で??? XTC アンディ・パートリッジ インタビュー


XTC アンディ・パートリッジ インタビュー


Issue # 14, April 2004
by Peter Paphides
XTC アンディ・パートリッジ
自宅インタビュー 3

(中略) With a world tour pencilled in to capitalise on Nigel's success, Marianne had good reason to feel insecure. Over the next few months, XTC very quickly got themselves a reputation − but it was one from which their chastened frontman thoroughly distanced himself. By the time they reached Australia, a pattern had begun to emerge: “I was always in bed by midnight reading Letters From A Lost Uncle by Mervyn Peake, and then five hours later I'd be woken up by the sound of Colin creeping in. I'd say, ‘Colin, is that you?’ And he'd whisper, ‘Yeah − she had fantastic tits’”.
(中略)その昔、シングル「ナイジェル」のヒットに便乗し金の稼ぎ時だとばかりにXTCのワールドツアーが予定された時パートリッジの元妻マリアンヌが内心穏やかではなかったのには理由がある: ツアーが開始すると数ヶ月の内にXTCは女遊び(グルーピー)が過ぎるとの評判が立った。それは、(結婚前に一度浮気をしてマリアンヌに謝罪したため)すっかり反省してしおらしくなったパートリッジが徹底して関わるまいとしている世界だった。オーストラリアに着いた頃には、メンバーの行動パターンが見えてきた。「僕は、いつも夜中の12時までにベッドに入りマービン・ピークの "レター・フロム・ア・ロスト・アンクル" という本を読んで眠りにつくんです。すると、5時間後にコリンがこっそりと隣のベッドに忍び込む音で起こされるんです。それで、僕が 「おい、コリン、おまえか?」と聞くと、彼がひそひそと 「うん、さっきの娘のおっぱいサイコーだったぜ」なんて自慢するんですよ。

Magnet Magazine

XTC Andy Partridge: Soldier Of Misfortune
May 26, 2007

XTC アンディ・パートリッジ 不運な兵士

So what kind of crazy, rock-star-life question should I have asked you? Was the groupie sex all it was tarted up to be?
インタビュア:それでは、どのようなワイルドなロックスターの生活について質問をするべきでしょうか? グルーピーとのセックスははたで見るほど派手にやっていたんですか?

I wasn’t a groupie-sex man. I was very, very well behaved, but Barry Andrews and Colin (Moulding) partook in some pretty heavy-duty stuff. Colin’s a bass player, what do you expect? [Laughs] There was all sorts of talk of girls being accommodating to most of the band, roadies and lighting men all at once.

(中略)Right, although the nearest I could get was my rubber-shark story. That was my notorious way of not being unfaithful when I was on tour.
(中略)そうですね、自分にとってそれに最も近い経験はゴムで出来たサメの話でしょう。 あれはまさに、ツアー中にいかにして僕なりに浮気をしない夫を貫いたかという周囲では良く知られた話です。

(中略) I bought it at a Woolworth’s in Melbourne, Australia, on tour. I saw this soft, rubber shark about a foot long and thought, “( ) "I could be faithful and not tempted by all these women now that I’m married.” So I thought, “I’m gonna buy this rubber shark and fuck it.” I bought the shark, and it felt great. You’d get some suction going, a vacuum effect, just terrific. I used to wedge it under a cushion or a chair and fuck this rubber shark. My suitcase was full at the time, so I had to buy an extra box to take it around. I remember going through New Zealand with it and the customs agent asking me, “What’s in the case, mate?” I said, “Well, it’s a rubber shark.” “Wise guy,” then he’d open it up and it’d be a rubber shark. It was great.

Did it have a name, this shark?

Sharky. [Laughs] Although after a while that stopped, because then I’d think of Feargal Sharkey. The last thing−literally−you want to be thinking of when you’re blowing your wad is the lead singer of the Undertones.
シャーキー(英語でサメは"シャーク"だから)(笑)。 でも、その名前もしばらく経って止めました。というのは、フィアーガル・シャーキーを連想するから。せっかくイキそうになっている瞬間に絶対に脳裏に浮かんで欲しくないのはアンダートーンズ(当時のニューウェーブバンド)のリードシンガーだからですよ。


Q: Did you intend to be so blunt with the lyrics in "Your Dictionary"?
Q: 「ユア・ディクショナリー」では、元々あそこまで率直な歌詞にするつもりだったんですか?

A: I didn't write it to hurt. I wrote it to alleviate this incredible backup of pus that was building up in my head. I was a cuckold husband twice over, and me being Mr. Loyal, that was really painful. The song came really quickly, but I had to be cajoled into doing it for the album. I know it's going to hurt terribly. It's not going to hurt me, but it's going to hurt her.
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