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Q - XTC and The Beatles, Do you think I’m mad ? Googlesearcheames

アンディの答え: Well for a start there is an obvious and massive similarity in the music. Hopefully, tasteful arrangements, no spare flesh, song construction, crass lyrics growing to a more interesting maturity, love of melody and surprises etc. There are also background similarities, English, Working Class, Shared School, Geographical Proximity, Mutual Support etc.




But, and its the biggest stinkiest butt in the hole forest, is that The Beatles are the reason that XTC exist. They were the influence, the big bang bought 99% of groups into existence, of course some massive unsimilarities are also evident. Such as their huge fame and financial success their ‘first past the post’ position, their ‘right thing at the right time’, luck etc. But, hey, lumping two bands, you like, together is an easy game that can throw up many connections. To kick the game off, I liked Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band and The Monkees, or The Kinks and Tony Williams lifetime. Class, discuss connection, probably more than you think. A.P





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ビートルズ大ファンのアンディ・パートリッジ 「エアースタジオでポールの姿を見て挨拶する勇気なくてビビッて逃げた!」「スタジオにあったポールのギターピックとリンゴのドラムスティックをちゃっかし頂戴した」


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ビートルズ大ファンのアンディ・パートリッジ 「エアースタジオでポールの姿を見て挨拶する勇気なくてビビッて逃げた!」「スタジオにあったポールのギターピックとリンゴのドラムスティックをちゃっかし頂戴した」


In AIR studios doing MUMMER I think. Macca is in next door with Ringo doing BROADSTREET music??,it's all a bit hazy,forgive me.
He was coming down corridor with Linda,I couldn't pluck up courage to have to kind of meet,so I jumped in side studio only to surprise Japan who were in there.
Next day overheard Macca having a whispd row with Mr Martin in canteen.
Colin and I went into their studio when they went home,we each nicked a Macca plectrum and I helped myself to a pair of Ringos drumsticks.
I confessed this to Ringo at the SPIRIT OF THE FOREST recording session.
Mr Martin supplied us with and showed us how to operate a low octave generator for the bass end of WONDERLAND mix,only time we ever worked together.

Stealing is wrong




これについては、Spirit Of The Forestのレコーディング・セッションでリンゴに白状しましたけど。


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Q - Please describe your home - Floridacracker
Q - どんな家に住んでいるのか教えてください。 - Floridacracker

A- It’s an extremely modest red brick terraced (or row) house in the old town of Swindon. Its Edwardian, about 1906 I think, and rather small. Few of the original features are left intact sadly, the stairs, front room combed plaster ceiling and tiled hall are three that spring to mind. One odd coincidence is the hall tiles are exactly the same colours and patterns as Colins house. There are 3 rooms downstairs and 4 upstairs. I have 2 garden sheds, one full of bikes and paint cans and one where I record music. Oh! and I have an attic, but I’m worried about going up to it as the firm of cowboy builders who ‘fixed it up’ in the mid 80’s did a very shoddy job, and I'm not sure how safe it all is. As in, creak, crack, crash, plummet, hello doctor. A.P.
- 僕の家は、赤いレンガ造りの非常に質素なテラスハウス(又は、連棟住宅)で、スウィンドンのオールドタウン(旧市街地)にあるんです。エドワード時代調で、1906年あたりに建てられたと思いますが、どちらかというと小さい家ですね。


あ!あと、屋根裏部屋(以前、録音スタジオに使っていた)もあるんですけど、そこに足を踏み入れるのはちょっと不安なんです。というのも、80年の中ごろに"カウボーイみたいに荒っぽい"建築業者がやたら手抜きの仕事をしてくれて、どのくらい安全なのかわからない。例えば、"ギシッー"、"メリメリッ"、"バリッ"、真っ逆さまに"ドスン"、"もしもし、医者ですか?"ということになるかも。 A.P.

Trulli Madly Jeffri,when I hear an XTC song I'm usually drunk,I need to do this to get over the vanity barrier. Of course if I'm that drunk I forget all of the technical memories along with those concerning construction,place,personal feelings etc. and enjoy us like I would any other music,probably liking it a lot in most cases. If I do get to hear one sober then thousands of things flit through my head.Usually"that lyric could have been better","Jeez,your voice lad" or something else critical.
There's usually lots of geographic wrapped up in a song for me,as i'm an indoor boy who dreams of the outdoors. The opposite of Colin.


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ビートルズ大好き人間アンディ・パートリッジ「ビートルズが嫌い?そんな奴とは話しもしたくない。人間じゃないよ、何か別の生き物だ(笑)」 アンディ・パートリッジXTC Sense Working Overtimeについて語る: ポッドキャストSodajerkerインタビューの書き起こし翻訳4



XTC Sense Working Overtimeについて語る:


Yeah, I mean things like “Senses Working Overtime” was probably three or four songs stuck together. The initial bit was what we would call, you know the… (the intro of the song is played on the guitar). That. I was actually aiming to play the chord E. I wasn’t looking and I got on the wrong strings and with semi-tone down. “Oh, what’s that? That’s nice” and again, what’s the sound like?”, “Hey, that’s the medieval”! That’s kind of earthy, medieval, I could see the people wearing pipe hats with holes and trying to tilt the soil there. Now I swapped my fingers over. That’s the original shape. Then I just moved them. Now I didn’t know what the chords were. Don’t ask me. That’s not an interest. It’s not needed. You don’t need to know of know the guts of music to make music.

ええ、「Senses Working Overtime」はおそらく3、4曲くらいくっつけてひとつの歌にしたんです。最初のパートは(Sensesのイントロをギターを弾き出す)。


それで、「これは何を連想させる音だろう」って考えるんですよ。「あっ、“中世“だ!」 ここで言う“中世”っぽい音とは、土臭い古臭い音。(中略)


My first trip to States, at the irrigate…no, not irrigation, the immigration, and it was irrigational because I was dying for a piss [Laughs] but he was a real hard-nosed kind of fella. So I’ll get back to the second. He said “What do you do?” looking at my passport. I said “Well, I’m musician”. He said “You write music?” and I said “No, I don’t, actually”. He said “Well, you’re not musician” And I foolishly engaged with this. I said “Look, the Beatles did not write music” Then, he looked up saying “I hate those guys” [Laughs] Ok, anyone dislikes the Beatles, I’m just gonna shut up. Coz this fella is obviously sub-human. [Laughs] You know. Some of sort of para-being [Laughs]. I’d never met anyone who didn’t like the Beatles. So there was some sort of ....mentally wrong with this fella.

僕のパスポートを見下ろしながら「職業は?」、それで「ミュージシャンだ」と答えると、「曲を書くのか?( 楽譜を書くのか)」、それで、「いや、実はしない」と言ったら、「じゃあ、ミュージシャンじゃない」って言われて。無視すればいいものを僕もバカだからつい言い返してしまったんです。


ビートルズを嫌いな人間なんかとは、話しもしたくないですよね。あれは人間じゃない。(笑)何か人間に似せた別の生き物だ(笑) ビートルズが嫌いなんていう奴はじめて見ました。頭おかしいですよ。
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アンディが胸を張って言えるXTCの最高傑作とは?!“Easter Theater”

Chicago Tribune: What do you think is the best thing you ever wrote?


Partridge: Umm, I’d say that “Easter Theater” [from "Apple Venus Volume 1"] is a contender, just ‘cause it came out exactly how I would have wanted it to come out, and it does say springtime, and it does have a−ooh, can I be really immodest? I think it’s as good as a Beatles thing. Yeah, I’m not supposed to say [stuff] like that, am I?
Part of the drive for being in a band is to be better than your heroes, and I think “Easter Theater” is on a par−it may not be better, but it’s on a par.

アンディ:うーん。そうですね。「イースターシアター(Apple Venus Vol. 1)」が候補に挙がるでしょうね。これは、まったく望んでいた通りに出来たんです。



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Andy Partridgeの昨日の呟き

Yesterday, 04:32 PM


Liverpool was always a joy to play because of the warmth of the reception.No big memories,just lots of snippets jumbled together.
Manchester's JOHN THE POSTMAN always being in the audience and shouting his bloody name out at every nano second of silence.
The heaviest dub in the world played at ERIC'S club,who's walls seemed to sweat?!?!
Casson's guest house ,Lime St. way,being the most unsanitary establishment we ever stayed in.Those who lost the toss and had to sleep in the van...I envied them.


Enjoying the accent of all we spoke to.They all spoke like the BEATLES,we all spoke like the WURZELS.
So many bits of Liverpool lodged in there. Same way for Manchester too.

Yesterday, 04:33 PM

...Oh,and no thoughts on Thatcher,other than her funeral was a terrible waste of money.


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