2009年インタビュー訳:When You're Near Me I Have Difficultyについて:「僕は世界一怠慢なギタープレーヤーだからこの曲も簡単なコードばかり。レノンのギターが怠慢?僕のギタープレイを観た事ないの?」「不協和音をやらないデイヴのギターは蜂蜜で、不協和音大好きな僕のギターはお酢」

XTC When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty

Dec 20, 2009インタビュー
アンディが語る:"When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty"



TB: It is goofy, but as you said, at the same time it's kind of sophisticated. One of the things I first wrote is, "The whole song is a great example of the whole guitar dynamic between you and Dave, and what Dave brought to the band."
確かにおふざけっぽい歌ですが、アンディがおっしゃるように、同時に洗練されてるようでもありますよね。僕が最初に書いたのは、 "この曲全体が、アンディとデイブのギターの絡み、そしてデイブがバンドに何をもたらしたのかを示す素晴らしい例"ということです。

AP: Oh yeah! In fact, I played this a few times today, and I remembered that three-quarters of all the guitars on here are in fact Dave! The majority of the guitar orchestration -- I don't mean "orchestration" at the Brian May level -- is Dave.
そうそう!実は、今日これを何回か聴いてみたんですよ。それで、思い出したのがこの曲におけるギタープレーの4分の3がデイブだったってこと!ギターオーケストレーションの大半は(でも、決してブライアン・メイのようなレベルの "オーケストレーション"という意味ではなく)デイブが担当したんです。

TB: He's in the left channel?

AP: I’m on the left channel, and Dave is doing the skanking guitar on the right, but then on the other parts of the song, all the guitar parts are Dave. So, I'm barely on this, playing-wise.

TB: Interesting! I thought you were doing the skanking part on the right side. Do you play the solo?

AP: Yeah, that's me. God, do you know, I never even registered that in my notes! It's kind of a repeat of the intro, if you know what I mean.

TB: And, throughout the song, you're also playing that ascending hook that links the chords under the verse's couplets?

AP: Yep.

TB: If someone wanted to muddle through this, do you remember what the basic chords are?

AP: I was trying to play it earlier on, and I don't remember it all! [picks up guitar, plays] I think it's something like C6, D6, G, Am7, then it goes to B-flat, F, then Fm, descending to Fm7, then back up again -- shit, I've forgotten the chords! That's most of them. Do you know how I said I could remember everything we played live? Well, we played this live thousands of times, and I'm damned if I can remember it! [chuckles]
さっき、プレーしようしたんですけど、全くコードを思い出せないんですよ! [ギターを弾く]確か、C6、D6, G, AM7、その後、Bフラット、F, それで、Fm, そしてFm7に下がって、その後、また上がっていく、みたいな感じかなあ。くそっ、コードすっかり忘れちまってる!でも、今言ったのがコードの大部分です。僕が、XTCがライブで演奏した曲が何かを全部覚えているって言ったのを覚えてます?実は、この曲はライブで何千回とプレーしてるんですけど、コードなんか覚えてるわけがない! (笑)

TB: Hey, you can't give it all to them! They've got to figure out some on their own.

AP: Exactly. It's all easy stuff -- you know, I'm the laziest guitar player in the world. You think John Lennon's guitar playing was lazy, you've never seen mine.
全くその通り。全部簡単なコードばかり - だって、知ってるでしょ、僕は世界一怠慢なギタープレーヤーだって。ジョン・レノンのギター・プレイが怠慢だって?僕のギタープレイを観た事ないんでしょうね。

TB: Do you remember working with the guys and rehearsing or arranging this?

AP: I don't remember rehearsing it, but I remember recording it, because it was done in a terrible rush (中略)
I didn't notice at the time how incredibly out of tune the guitar intro is! But it really is.
リハーサルは覚えてないけど、レコーディングは覚えてるなあ。というのも、ものすごく急いで行ったから。 (中略) ギターイントロが信じられないほどひどく調子外れであったのに、あの時は気付かなかったんですね!でも、本当にそう。

(中略)TB: The big thing I heard that was different in the guitars is at the end, where Dave seems to be adding another rhythm guitar that gets more and more dissonant as you fade out. Or maybe that's you doing that?

AP: I'll have to check that out. If it's dissonance, it probably is me. Dave tended to stay away from dissonance -- he was the honey, and I was more the vinegar. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, as the old phrase go. If you should want to catch some flies, that is! [laughs] If you really want to have a lot of flies flocking to you as you play guitar, honey's the way to go!
それは、チェックしないとわからないな。不協和音なら、おそらく僕だな。 デイブは不協和音はやらない傾向がありましたから - デイヴのギターは甘いはちみつ、僕のギターは酸っぱいお酢。酢より蜂蜜を使った方が虫がたくさん取れる(相手に気に入られるには愛想を良くするという意味)、なんていう古いことわざありますけどね。それは、あくまで、本当に、ハエなんかを何匹か捕まえたいなんて人がいるならば、ですけど! (笑)本当にギター弾いている最中に無数のハエに群がって欲しいならば、それはもうはちみつ以外にない!

(中略)TB: Going back to the guitar parts, you don't remember sitting down with Dave and working that out? It sounds pretty intricate.

AP: A lot of it was innate -- if one person's doing this, the other one stays away. Or, if one person's playing languid chords, the other one's chopping. If one person's chopping on the beat, you chop on the off-beat. It's sort of the idiot's guide to orchestration and arrangement (中略)
大部分は、もう自然に決まっていたんです -  一人がやってる時は、もう一人は譲る。それか、一人が緩やかなコードをやったら、もう一人はチョップをやる。一人がビートに合わせてチョップすると、もう一人はオフビートでチョップする。何というか、オーケストレーションとアレンジメントングの超初級ガイドって感じですよ (中略)

And there's a little bit of ego involved, of course -- "If he's playing there, then I'm going to play on the offbeat to that, so I can be heard, dammit! I'm not playing the same as him, because people won't know who it is!" There's some of that every time a bunch of blokes get together to play -- "Hey, wait, I want to be heard!"
それと、当然、そこには、ちょっとばかりエゴが関わってくるわけです。"よし、あいつがあそこでプレイしてるなら、俺はそれに対してオフビートでやらないと俺の音が聴こえないな、畜生!あいつと同じプレイなんかするもんか、だって、聴いてる奴はどのギターが誰なのかわからないだろ!" いっつも、必ず、何人かの奴らが集まって演奏すると、そういうエゴ合戦が巻き起こるわけですよ -  "ちょっと待てよ、俺のプレイだって聴いて欲しいぜ!"

TB: Let's talk about the bass and drums a little bit. Is there anything in particular you remember when these parts were getting created? Terry's drum pattern is great, of course. I love the little double-hit pattern he does.
ベースとドラムについて少し​​。ベースとドラムのパートを作っている時の事で特に覚えていることはありますか? テリーのドラムパターンはもちろん素晴らしいですね。(注:このインタビュアーはバンドでドラマーをやっている)あのちょっとしたダブルヒットパターンが大好きです。

AP: It's an unusual pattern, and I can't remember how we came up with it. Maybe I was asking him for a twist pattern or something, and he got it wrong. But I like the way it moves, especially during the B sections.

I also was listening to the little percussion bits in the "iceman" section, and you know that "fzztzztzzt" sound? That's our little Korg!
あと、 "氷男"という所の短いパーカッションの部分をさっき聴いていたんですが、あの "fzztzztzzt(スースースー?)"という音は何かわかります?あれ、Korgなんですよ!

TB: Really? I thought that was like a güiro or ratchet or something.

AP: We built a little percussive sound, using high-pitched sounds and an extremely fast wave, to create that effect. (中略) And the Korg also does the jellyfish sound effect.

TB: I was going to ask about that -- figured it had to be the Korg.
ちょうど聞くところでした  -  Korgだろうなとは思いましたが。

AP: Yep, ol' Kenny Korg, doing his best jellyfish impression.

I tried to figure out what this song was about, after I'd finished listening to it, and I thought, "Jesus, I think this is about my first big crush, at school!" A girl called Vanessa Kearley, who was a funny little thing. She was very skinny, with glasses, but so was I. You wouldn't say she was the most beautiful thing on earth, but she did have a fantastic energy. You know those people with really, shiny, strong, positive energy? She was just great to be around.
この歌が何についての歌だったのか考えていたんですけど、聴き終わった時に思い出したんです。"うわっ!この歌は中学校の時の初めての片思いについてだ!" ヴァネッサ・キアーリーという女生徒で、面白いコだったんですよ。眼鏡をかけていてすごい痩せっぽちだったんですけど、僕自身もガリガリでしたから。あの娘は決して世界で最も美しい娘とは言えないが素晴らしいオーラを放っていてね。そういう人っているでしょ、実にキラキラ輝く活き活きしてポジティブなオーラのある人。周りにいるだけで素晴らしい存在だったんです。

But when I got within about six foot of her, I'd just become useless -- just a bag of jello! My legs wouldn't work, and my arms would just hang like two strings of sausages by my side. I couldn't do anything! When I was near her, I had difficulty doing normal things.
ところが、その娘に6フィートくらい近づくと、僕はもう何にもできなくなるんです - ゼリーみたいにヘナヘナになるんですよ!足はフニャフニャ、腕などまるで二本繋がったソーセージがだらんとたれたようになって。どうすることも出来なくなって!その娘のそばにいると普段ふつうにやってることが出来なくなってしまう。

I even made matching triangular UNCLE badges for her and me. I couldn't find one in the shops so I cut out some white cardboard triangles and put a safety pin on the back, and then in best ballpoint pen, tried to draw the UNCLE symbol, the silhouette of the man in front of the world.

TB: How'd she like that?

AP: I guess she was reasonably impressed. I got to hold her hand!



Margaret Bean

I live in Derbyshire now and was very surprised to read Andrew's description of me! And (sadly) I'm no longer skinny and ditched the specs years ago. I do remember the badges and still have a drawing of a horse he did for me and a little gift he brought me back from one of his holidays!
Sorry for the pseudonym, but I know that Data Protection laws are different in the US.
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